10 February 2007

The Battle of Strasbourg

The Battle of Strasbourg has long been raging, escalating once in while. Recently the One Seat campaign collected one million signatures in support of its proposal that Brussels becomes the sole seat of the European Parliament.

Yet the French government threatens to use the veto power in the European Council should the matter be raised there. That epitomizes the current French approach to Europe; but France should realise that unlike in de Gaulle's era, exercising the veto power comes with a price today. By stubbornly refusing to give up Strasbourg, France loses the potential to build consensus on more important issues. France gets the bad image, France appears to be holding everyone back. And not just in this case - France's objections are cited as one of the primary causes for the continuous failure of the WTO Doha Round talks.

Richard Corbett MEP (Party of the European Socialists) came up with a very good solution to the stalemate in his article for the EUobserver: Strasbourg should host the quarterly European Council summits. France would lose no prestige and the end would be put to a ludicrous travelling circus which costs the taxpayer 200 million euros every year. The Eurosceptics would lose an easy target, too. EuropaWorld's Peter Sain ley Berry, also writing for the EUobserver, made an interesting comment on Corbett's idea, which I shall quote in full:
As to its seat, Parliament has the remedy in its own hands. Treaty or no treaty, all parliaments are sovereign. They can meet wherever they want. If 785 members, or even a large body of them, refuse to make the journey to Strasbourg, then that is it. Finis! Parliaments have set up shop in tennis courts before now, and to mighty outrage. But the truth is parliaments always win.
Bearing in mind that an increasing number of parliamentarians do not bother to turn up to the sessions anyway, and that the political groups in the Parliament are closely connected to the national governments which have to observe the terms of the Treaty, such a revolt seems unlikely ever to take place. It is hard to imagine an act of collective political heroism happening today.


Kosmopolit said...

That sounds like a reasonable proposal. Council summits in Strasbourg would be much more prestigious than parliamentary sessions. In the same time it could be a very useful bargaining tool for France in the upcoming EU reform debates. A revised constitutional treaty (possibly with another name),a compromise on the British rebate linked with a fundamental CAP reform + the parliament/ council summit swap...interesting ingredients for a very promising council summit in summer!! Unfortunately, it seems that we are not living in times of fundamental changes....

Professor Hines said...

Richard Corbett's idea is one of the best solutions to the seat question I have seen. Unfortunately, even if France were to see the benefits of this plan it would still have a uphill battle for acceptance. Given the resistance to holding half the summits in Brussels in some states, holding some or all annually in France is not going to sit well.

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