18 April 2007

Vote for Sarkozy

I am backing Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. I have been following the campaign closely, thanks to the brilliant reporting by Tim King in the Prospect and Charles Bremner, The Times correspondent in Paris. The Times gave support to Sarkozy (as did The Economist) in the leader published today: "He understands the need to repair relations with America, tackle the extremism and alienation of immigrant ghettos, cut taxes and get a sluggish economy moving." Best chance for France.

There is a good summary of the candidates' position on the European Union on the Deutsche Welle. Sarkozy favours a "mini treaty" instead of the Constitution, and would avoid another referendum. Royal supports the referendum, but is even more unclear on how the treaty should actually look like. At least she tells us it should be drafted by some sort of a participative process. Bayrou is by far the clearest: he wants a short document, as federalist as possible, to be submitted to the electorate in a referendum.

And what has been Chirac's record on Europe? Aleksander Hall got it right in Poland's Gazeta Wyborcza: "Jacques Chirac wanted power for France. This is no doubt about why - despite his initially Eurosceptical stance and his moves to hinder Spain and Portugal on their path to Europe - he eventually converted to the 'European faith.' He tried to use Europe to boost France's position in the world... Chirac wanted the EU to become a political power in its own right. That was the right path. However, if you take a closer look at France's policies under Chirac you have to ask yourself exactly what role he had in mind for united Europe in the world. Sometimes you get the impression that it was to play the role of a counterweight to the US rather than a bastion of Western civilisation that would be the second great pillar of the West alongside America." I could not say it any better.

P.S.: I analysed Bayrou's position on Europe and the situation in France after the failed 2005 referendum in my first ever post on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit Tommy, I am afraid.

Too pro-american by far.

"...that would be the second great pillar of the West alongside America" - what half-wit dreamt this drivel up.

European federal greetings.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tomas,
Your understanding of French Politics is either limited or our values are very different. Sarkozy is a populist and is an obsessive man, who is not fit to rule. He wants to become President not for a program but for his personal ambition and acts on the fears of a part of the population. He is similar to Berlusconi, developing his control over french medias. He has personal friends in TF1(major french chanel) and enormous press groups. In addition, he has developed in the five last years a real tension in France and has divided the country. If, we want France to progress even economically we need social peace not war.
Ségolène Royale is therefore the person to sustain. She has a real program to redevelop France, while keeping social progress. She is also a women which in France would be a real progress.
And I can tell having been in France during the campaign, knowing France well, living there for all my life, Ségolène symbolises progress, change but also reconciliation. She has accepted dialogue with Bayrou changing traditional politics in France creating a real opening to the center. And, I am sorry Bayrou and Royal are right, a new constitution can not pass through parlement that would be to insult French People. But she is very pro European talking much more on Europe than sarkozy. You should look at Daniel Cohn Bendit's speech at Montpellier (You can see it on Daily movie in french), he clearly descrbes how Ségolène and Bayrou are changing french politics and how she is now progress calling for change in France and in Europe.
So to all French and to the whole world, do not be convinced by populism even if you are outright liberals, VOTEZ SEGOLENE ROYALE.

Timothy. Secretary General European Society York.

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