16 April 2007

Wolfowitz should not lose his nerve: he is the one to demand an apology

Paul Wolfowitz has faced the pressure to resign from his position as the World Bank's President after it came out that he fixed a rapid pay rise and promotion for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza. The Wall Street Journal proves that the current furore is just a smear campaign against Wolfowitz. Check it out. Worryingly, the media seemed happy to sink Wolfowitz for his "neo-con legacy", without checking the facts like the WSJ did.

By the way, the absurdity of the term "neo-conservatism" was laid bare by one of supposed fathers of the ideology, Richard Perle, in an interview for the Foreign Policy recently.
It is a term that is applied almost at random. I’ve seen it applied to Dick Cheney to Don Rumsfeld and to Condi Rice. Those are examples where it clearly is wrong. To some people, it’s synonymous with supporters of the Bush administration or with important people within the administration. In some cases, particularly in the Middle East, it’s a code word for “Jew.” It’s frequently described as a movement, which it isn’t, or as an organization, which it isn’t. It’s associated somehow with Leo Strauss, which I think is wrong. It’s mindlessly pejorative; it implies that there is a group of people who all think the same way on one or more topics. It’s a term that is almost without meaning and is therefore not very useful.
I doubt the commentators like The Independent's Yasmin Alibhai-Brown or The New Statesman's Ziauddin Sardar knew that Wolfowitz, the "neo-conservative oil-and-Muslim-blood-thirsty Jew responsible for Iraq" had an Arab girlfriend.


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