04 May 2007

British Eurosceptics portray Quisling as a father of Europe

One gets used to the constant attacks on anything European by the British media. The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph or Rupert Murdoch's The Sun and The Times put a negative spin on anything associated with the EU. So it came to me as no surprise that this week's Spectator had an article entitled "Quisling invented the EU". After all, the Speccie is still as Eurosceptical as ever even though its former editor and Tory MP Boris Johnson is now fully concentrating on pursuing his frontbench career in the Conservative Party. Name another country where a leading politician could lead the redaction of an influential weekly political magazine. So much about the fabled British democracy.

The article basically states that Vidkun Quisling, who ruled Norway under the German supervision during the WWII, called upon Britain to initiate a British-German union as a core of a united Europe in order to prevent the war. Hence the federalist claim that the European Union has ensured lasting peace in Europe is supposed to be rebutted.

The piece concludes: "But the idea to which Quisling gave his name - that it is better to collaborate than to sit carping on the sidelines - has had a better fate. Not only does it carry the day among British pro-Europeans now..." What a demagoguery. Of course Britain should not have collaborated with the Nazi Germany. To use that argument to say that Britain should not "collaborate" with any Europeans now is ridiculous.

So who is the author of this blatant propaganda? Certain historian by the name of John Laughland, PR Man to Europe's nasties regimes, as David Aaronovitch desribed him in the Guardian. Aaronovitch fully exposes Laughland's ideas; my personal favourite is that Viktor Yuschenko got in power with the help of "druggy skinheads from Lvov". As far as Laughland's European outlook is concerned, Aaronovitch writes:

"Laughland is also European Director of the European Foundation (patron, Mrs Thatcher), which - judging by its website - seems to spend most of its time and energy sending out pamphlets by arch-Europhobe Bill Cash. A synopsis of one of Laughland's own books, however, notes his argument that, 'Post-national structures ... and supranational organisations such as the European Union - are ... corrosive of liberal values (and) the author shows the ideology as a crucial core of Nazi economic and political thinking.'"
Time to have a laugh? Not until we have won over the hearts and minds of the British people.

UPDATE: Oliver Kamm examines Laughland's article in depth here.


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